Hi, all! My name is Carly Sater and I am studying public relations at Texas State University. I'm 22 years old and finishing up my last year of school ever! I grew up in Dallas, Texas, and started my first 2 years of college at Oklahoma State University before transferring to Texas State. I have learned so much during my time here and can't wait to see where it will take me after graduation. I love all of the courses I was able to take through my major. So many of our assignments and projects have been things that we will need in the future when starting a brand for ourselves in the working world.

I currently am living in Austin, Texas and am loving everything about this city (except the traffic). When I'm not in class, I am probably snacking it up and watching Netflix(you're welcome for that link everyone). I also enjoy trying new places to eat around Austin. Sadly, there isn't enough time in the world to try all the places I'd like to go to. Some of my other interests include traveling, happy hour, being outdoors, roadtrips, desserts, and singing in the car.

During my time here at Texas State, I have learned the importance of creating your brand and getting yourself out there. After graduation, I am looking to put my skills to use at a public relations agency, non-profit organization, or corporation. My interpersonal communication skills and love of networking help me develop long-lasting relationships on a social and professional level. I hope to one day start my own company or non-profit organization! Enjoy my page!